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Discount Tickets


Regal, AMC & Cinemark Movie Tickets can now be purchased through the Student Activities Department located in the Ben Parker Student Center, Suite E120.

Regal/United Artists Premiere Super Saver Movie Tickets are $8.50/each. These tickets are accepted anytime and have no expiration date! Local UA theaters include Denver West Village Stadium 12 and Colorado Mills Stadium 16.

AMC Movie Theater Tickets are $9.00/each.  AMC Green Ticket has replaced the premium ticket previously sold by AMC.  AMC Green Tickets are $9.00/each.  Green Tickets are valid for one admission to any movie except those distributed by The Walt Disney Company, including, but not limited to Disney, Pixar, marvel and Lucasfilm, Ltd. titles.  These tickets EXCLUDE ALL Disney movies including: ANT-MAN, BRIDGE OF SPIES, THE GOOD DINOSAUR, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, THE FINEST HOURS, ZOOTOPIA, THE JUNGLE BOOK, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, ALICE IN WONDERLAND: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, and FINDING DORY.

Cinemark Movie Tickets are $8.00/each.  Platinum Supersaver tickets are valid for one admission. Valid for any movie, any time. Additional premiums may be applied for specially priced films and/or events which are priced higher than normal box office ticket pricing.


Earth Treks are now being sold at the ORC!



The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a municipal natural history and science museum in Denver, Colorado. It is a resource for informal science education in the Rocky Mountain region.

Students $10.00

Staff/Faculty $12.75

*Two Per BlasterCard Please*


The Denver Zoo is an 80-acre facility located in City Park of Denver, Colorado, United States. Founded in 1896, it is owned by the City and County of Denver and funded in part by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.

Students $10.00

Staff/Faculty $12.75

*Two Per BlasterCard Please*


The Denver Botanic Gardens is a public botanical garden located in the Cheesman Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.

Students $8.50

Staff/Faculty $10.50

*Two Per BlasterCard Please*


Sprawling complex with a state-of-the-art aquarium housing 500+ species, plus a restaurant & lounge.

Students $10.00

Staff/Faculty $11.95

*Two Per BlasterCard Please*


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Art on the Brix provides a laid-back, social atmosphere in a way that inspires all ages and types of people to relax and get creative. No experience or talent is required. Our local artists guide all of the classes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step group instruction, plus everyone gets individualized attention and leaves with their own completed original artwork. Enjoy painting, crafts, wine or beer, music, games and surprises in our low-stress, fun classes that are playful and light-hearted encouraging you to just follow along or go outside your lines.

Students $20.00*

*One per BlasterCard please*

Staff/Faculty $25.00**

**Two Per BlasterCard Please*


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